Now there is a sport you would never except to find on a Greek island.  Dating back to 1823 it still has a strong following with regular games and international tournaments taking place in the famous for it park of Esplanade (“Spianada Square”).



Scuba diving and Snorkeling

The entire north east side and most of the west side of the island are full of amazing places to put a mask and look underwater, deep or shallow. The rugged underwater terrain and numerous caves both above and below the waters make up for some very interesting dives.




Who said flying has to be expensive, some people can do it for next to nothing. The ridges along mount Pantokratoras create perfect lines of lift with moderate southerly winds and a unique flying experience.



The Ropa valley is one of the most famous  and well respected golfing courses. Close to Corfu town embedded in deep nature, with its own unique character.


 Surfing and Sailing

Where there is wind and water you can be sure there will be kiters and windsurfers, Corfu is no exception to this rule. The island has two large beaches which are particularly suited to both wind & kite surfing that will satisfy beginners and intermediate sailors.



The word ”photography” translated from Greek means ‘writing with light’ so if light is the primary ingredient of photography, Corfu has one of the most delicious lights anywhere in the World.




For an island blessed with so much nature, hiking is simply a natural thing to do. There are trails along beaches, through forests, alongside mountains and charming streets in villages. One of the best and most beautiful islands for nature lovers.



It doesn’t take long to figure out that the best way to move around this island is a bicycle, be it for shopping or discovering the remote villages of Corfu. Some road surfaces are poor and there is always a tempting beach to get down to, mountain bikes are better suited and a competent cyclist can easily cycle throughout the entire island.


 Safari 4×4

Joining an organized safari tour or simply selecting a point on your GPS and heading for it. The island of Corfu has some uncharted beautiful places, making it a very attractive place for the seekers of adventure.



Evidence of being a sailing paradise is the endless number of masts you see in any marina or anchorage in the island. There are many requirements for a place to be popular among sailors, wind and water are simply prerequisites, to enjoy sailing you need beautiful destinations, lots of places to anchor or dock, supplies, services, predictable weather to mention just a few.


 Water ski

The long periods of calm weather coupled with the long stretches of protected coastline encourage many enthusiast to bring their own favourite skies or wake boards and put in some serious time on the water behind one of the many mastercrafts that can be found on the island.



A highly underrated sport, kayaking is often ignored as a serious pastime especially when on since many people think of it as physically demanding and boring. Truth be said it can be, but depends completely on the location and knowing when, where and how. Corfu offers the location.



Fishing in Corfu can be done almost anywhere with a rod and line for small shore fish or if you want, try your skills for larger fish with a spear gun. You can also sign up for offshore fishing expeditions with specialists, tuna is always a popular catch when in season.



You may be asking what can be special about tennis in Corfu. For starters, it has the oldest tennis club in Greece established in 1968 by the British. Just like cricket, it started a passion for the sport long before anywhere else in Greece explaining why a large population of Corfu are keen tennis players. You will never find yourself too far away from a tennis court in Corfu.